Monday, 22 August 2016


GSoC 2016 is about to end so in this post I will sum up the work we had done during this period. I will write about 3 major topics: eig, gsvd and chol2inv. The original project was about eig, and when it was done we moved on to the other ones.


The goals of the project were:
Certain calling forms of the eig function are currently missing, including:
  •  preliminary balancing
  • computing left eigenvectors as a third output
  •  choosing among generalized eigenvalue algorithms
  •  choosing among return value formats of the eigenvalues (vector or matrix)

Calling forms:

We finished these goals before the end of GSoC, and most of the work is already merged to the main octave repository:
In my repository there are some other to be reviewed commits that reduces code duplication with the use of templates.
You can find some information about the individual tasks on this blog in previous posts, and also here:


The function gsvd was imported from Octave-Forge linear-algebra package. However it uses deprecated LAPACK functions: *ggsvd. Moreover it is not compatible with Matlab’s gsvd. For more information check these discussions:
  1. Deprecated LAPACK routines (GSVD)
  2. new gsvd function incompatible w/Matlab
  3. bug #48807: new gsvd function is incompatible w/Matlab
Work already merged to the main Octave repository:
Other commits that are not yet merged:


chol2inv couldn’t handle sparse matrixes (bug # 36437), we submitted a fix for this bug and tests for chol2inv.

GSoC 2016 with GNU Octave

This was an exeptional opportunity to gain experience and get into open source development and learn about Octave. I am really happy for this project and the time we spent working on it. I would like to thank for my mentors Carnë Draug and Nir Krakauer, without their help and guidance non of this would have been possible.

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